Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Chris & Cosey / CTI - European Rendezvous

VHS-rip from Mr Carter and Ms Fanni Tutti from 1983 featuring live performances with visuals by John Lacey.

Ah, it's been a while. I've been mega busy with work and then got struck down by a bout of lazyitis. So by way of an apology, here's a superb relic from the C&C music factory, featuring our heroes on top form with some 80s-tastic visual accompaniments.

It can't be a kick in the arse off a year ago that we went to see TG at the Glasgow Tramway, thanks to the Optimo fellas. They're going for it again at the same venue on the 26th June with the first ever Scottish performance of Nurse With Wound, which features a day-time 'fun for all the family' freebie then an 'adults only' evening show. Cannae wait!

This video is the same deal as the Krautrock one I posted before, ie a load of RAR files that you pack together by double-clicking on the first one.

Now, all we need's for the new Cosey show to work its way north and we're sorted...

Chris & Cosey / CTI - European Rendezvous
Pt1 / Pt2 / Pt3 / Pt4 / Pt5 / Pt6 / Pt7 / Pt8
1 - Intro
2 - Mary
3 - Funky
4 - The Need
5 - Loop
6 - Sequencer
7 - Slow
8 - Thy Gift of Tongues
9 - Voice Echo

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Anonymous said...

crap. looks like several of the links are no longer working... :( was excited to see this!!!

Moggieboy said...

That should be you now - I fucked up some of the tags.

Rey Rey said...

Thanks again! Just in time for summer!

Novemberer said...

"Just in time for summer", haha! x