Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bios - Neutral

Double 7" package on Emissions Lo-Fi from 1996.

This is yet another release that I can't lay my hands on, but RiG viewer Mal kindly sent me from New York (cheers again Mal). As with the tracks on the previous Bios post this is raw, punishing, distorted, hard, minimal, scratchy, you get the picture...

I used to love fannying about with this double pack on my decks, but it tended to be more of a solitary sport. It was always greeted with cries of "get that shite aff" when I went into Bios-meltdown at certain points during the evening.

Four posts in the one day? Well saying I'm on holiday and it's pissing down outside...

Bios - Neutral
A - Neutral
B - Live
C - +/-
D - Shift

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