Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Grinderman - Evil (Factory Floor Remix)

Web-rip of two of my favourite bands shimmying up to each other, courtesy of The Quietus this time.

What can I say - Factory Floor have stamped their unique mark onto this track from the new Grinderman album. Sounds a bit like a 2010 version of Suicide if you ask me, which has to be a great thing. Again, as per the Weatherall Mix below, this isn't getting a proper release - it's gonna only be available on the iTunes version of the album and we can't buy it in the shops. Shame, I could go a nice wee 12" with the AW mix on one side and this one on the other.

As I said below, I will be buying said album on shiny new vinyl and you won't be finding it anywhere near this blog. Just in case anyone from Mute is reading this, likesay...

Grinderman - Evil (Factory Floor Remix) < EDIT > link has been pulled, if anyone wants it send me an email (moggieboy at gmail dot com) < /EDIT >

Pre-order the Grinderman album here


Anonymous said...

Shame. It deserves vinyl release.

Novemberer said...

Better than Lord Sabre's Cave mix if you ask me.