Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jarvis Cocker - Birthday Megamix - 6 Music

Hour long 'megamix' from Sheffield's finest, broadcast last Sunday (19th September) on 6 Music.

I can't remember what Sunday afternoons were like before Jarvis' show started on 6 Music, but they weren't nearly as good, that's for sure. It was his birthday on Sunday there, so he treated us to an hour long mix in his honour (and why the fuck not). We were listening to it in the flat as ever, and were blown away - a great mix of tunes and dialogue as you can see below.

I've been out of action for the last week or so due to a mysterious pain which the doctor initially thought was a punctured lung (it wasn't) and haven't had the inclination to post anything. It's still sore, which is a bugger, but thought I'd get this up anyway. Normal service will be resumed at some point. It had better be OK for the Optimo Turbo Rave on Friday night, mind you I should have some way of suppressing the pain if it's not...

Jarvis Cocker - Birthday Megamix - 6 Music
1 - The BBC Radiophonic Workshop — Happy Birthday
2 - Burt Bacharach — Something Big
3 - Sir John Betjeman — Indoor Games Near Newbury
4 - Leroy Anderson — The Typewriter
5 - Ost — Diary of a Taxi Driver
6 - Gonzales — Armellodie
7 - The Tremeloes — Here Comes My Baby
8 - Lou Reed — Coney Island Baby (live)
9 - Van Morrison — Coney Island
10 - Ennio Morricone — La Resa Del Conti
11 - Ost — Dialogue & Music from the TV series 'Kung Fu'
12 - Étienne de Crécy — Prix Choc
13 - Boris Midney — D-D-D-Dance
14 - Dylan Thomas — Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
15 - My Disco — Paradise A
16 - Artery — Cars In Motion
17 - Eddy Current Suppression Ring — Hey Mum
18 - Fleetwood Mac — Oh Well

Check out Jarvis' show's homepage here