Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Optimo - I Love Techno - 13 November 2010

Our heroes live in Ghent a couple of weeks ago.

Banging in Belgium? Oh yes. Complete with shouty over-excited MC this takes no prisoners - you can forget the Nina Simone / This Mortal Coil side of Optimo here, this is back to the old PURE days in style.

Taken from the gig itself you can hear the manual touching-up and down of the 12"s, which makes a change from some of the over-produced so-called 'live mixes' you hear floating about these days.

Bastard! Got a tweet from JD Twitch last night to say "ha ha! I knew you couldn't stop" when I did the post below. Aye very good. Definitely not back for good, but we can't have a Weatherall without an Optimo, can we? A two-off, if you will.

Right - off to see Atari Teenage Riot, should clear out the midweek cobwebs...

Optimo - I Love Techno - 13 November 2010

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Anonymous said...

I hope Keith's right ;-) Don't suppose he gave any hint about whether the Pure 20th is ever happening?!

Anyway, cracking mix, bizarre shouty MC aside.

Kit said...

Great to have you back, even if it's only occasional! When I saw the Weatherall radio ep was happening, I immediately thought what a shame you weren't around any more....

Anonymous said...

Back again, hell yeah! Much appreciated, here's one for you.


ally said...

anyone know the track after 'moog on acid'?



Anonymous said...

great stuff mate, cheers! those tunes don't half remind me of sweating a couple of stones off my body weight at the Venue in edinburgh. possibly not the best club i ever went to but, with out doubt, the best "techno" night I ever had the pleasure to witness. those tunes are something else...when "techno" was techno!!!
Twitch/Brainstorm, best residents i ever heard in ma cream puff!!!
only found yr blog a couple of months ago and then you shut it down, it was still on my favourites so i thought i'd give it a wee try yesterday...thank fuck i did! cheers for all the effort buddy,

delboy said...

Great to have you back - it would be great to have a heads up of any travel worthy gigs - RAVE ON MOTHERFUCKERS!