Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So here it is, back round again. The festive season was especially good fun blog-wise last year, I'd decided to stop the 2009 version of vinyl rips and go into the less frequent (before its slow painful death) 2010 incarnation. There were few extra special treats that I'd been saving, so here's a couple of lazy-bastard reposts to commemorate things this year, alongside the FACTORY FLOOR rip below.

Xmas 2010 for me so far has been a bit of a nightmare as hardly any of the presents I've ordered online have arrived, and the bank knocked me back for a tenner yesterday which is a new record. BUT - it's been a fairly mental couple of weeks of gigs, clubbing and other assorted over indulgences so I've done no bad.

Right, off to see Drum Eyes at the Captains Rest. Have a great couple of weeks...