Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Oricom - The Intersonic EP

This is a weird ole EP from Belgium, 1993. Starts off with a really hummable nice squelchy track which goes a but nuts at the end, then gets an aptly titled organ track. The B-side is a killer techno track which stops and starts and then kinda merges into the 4th track (which actually goes on a bit too long in my opinion). Don't think either of the guys involved ever did anything else.

Well worth checking out. Every time I played Wipeout I always had to go Auricom due to this EP.

A1 - The Intersonic
A2 - Organ Powers
B1 - A Quicksand Adventure
B2 - Drop-Out <<< Only one mp3 track for B-side as they merge together

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Adam said...

Fantastic! Have been trying to find the first track on side A ever since John Acquaviva played it at Pure and blew the place apart.