Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sound Enforcer - 2nd Series "Icon EP"

So, a Dave Angel double-pack on Island records subsidiary, Blunted? Surely must be pish I hear you think? Well, not at all. Four tracks over four sides, the only wanky thing about it is the lack of titles, so we've got wingdings-tastic 'circle', 'triangle', 'cross' and 'square'. Each track gets progressively better than the previous one, in my opinion. Go check it out...

A - Circle
B - Triangle
C - Cross
D - Square

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Ctelblog said...

I think there was a blue one and a brown one of these Sound Enforcer releases. This is the best. I also bought it more in hope than expectation and was really surprised.

Kris said...

Been looking for 'Cross' for the best part of 13 years! God bless you!