Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tokyo Knife Attack - Bytes Of The Jaguar

New Music Alert!!

This is a fab new act from Glasgow who are great lo-fi melodic electro, kinda a wee bit like Crystal Castles without the shouty woman. They have a few tracks up on their myspazz, including this one. I found out about them when my friend booked them to play at his Club For Heroes, which is on in Edinburgh tomorrow at the Art School (Friday 30th).

The track is an 8-bit version of Knights Of The Jaguar - they better play it at the show. Come along if you're in the area and buy me a pint - I'll be the guy in the pink Sparks t-shirt.

Tokyo Knife Attack - Bytes Of The Jaguar <<-- right-click direct download

Buy it here


Anonymous said...

No more bandwidth! Sucks great track

Moggieboy said...

I'll re-up it when I get home from work. Alternatively, use to grab it (and others) from his Myspace page.