Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Vauvenage - Flange Stereo

In an effort to show the different types of music you can expect from this blog, here's an oddity that I remember picking up in Rub-A-Dub many moons ago. I've always enjoyed a good 'flange' - it was the only guitar effects pedal I ever went near back in the olden days.

There was typically no info on the record (beautiful red vinyl and fuck-all else). The magic of the internet, 16 years on, reveals that Frederick & Pako (no, me neither) did the A-side, whereas Remy & Sven (them off Global Cuts I assume) did the B-side.

Anyway - the A-side is a rather punishing affair, clocking in at over 11 mins. Actually sounds good on headphones, something I hadn't experienced before a few minutes ago. The B-side is a more slowed down, soulful wee number. Aye, no bad.

Only 300 copies made, I see that someone's got one up on eBay for a mere £43.02 including postage. Hang on a wee minute - "Goa Psy-trance"? Get tae fuck! Not how I'd describe it, perish the thought. Yikes!

A: Flange Stereo
B: Natural Women

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ghosttown bob said...

very very nice- thanks!