Friday, 27 March 2009

Peace Together - Be Still (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)

Here's the brief:

Get a cast of cunts: Therapy, Feargal Sharkey, Peter Gabriel, Sinead O'Connor & Nanci Griffith
Get one token good guy: Jah Wobble
The task: write and produce a record which will make all the 'Troubles' in Ireland go away after everyone has listened to it and heard the 'message'
Get flavour of the month to provide a 'cutting edge' remix: step forward Sabres Of Paradise

A bizarre record indeed, but not half as bizarre as another Sabres mix I found the other night, will stick it up sometime next week.

Actually the mix is really good, I squirmed the first time I heard the 'Celtic' riff at the start but it's a grower. If anyone feels the need to hear the non-Sabres version you can check it out on YouTube.

Peace Together - Be Still (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)

Buy it here


Luke said...

Bunch of cunts. love it.

Ctelblog said...

Bit harsh on Nanci Griffith. It does grow on you doesn't it.

Tommy said...

Met that Fergal Sharkey in the Arches on a Friday in 1993, Slam supplying the great beats and Snowballs supplying the gurning.

I saw the Shark and slipped over for a wee gab, having noticed that he seemed to be on his own or waiting for someone and that he was wearing cowboy boots or Cuban heels.

5 minutes into a good chat about the continuum from 70s punk to 80s / 90 house music the snowball walloped ma poor heid and glancing down the Shark's boots had become very long grinning crocodiles. I jumped back in fright, gave the Shark a wide-eyed look of terror and sloped off without saying a word.

Ah, great days.

Simon said...

I saw Sharkey in Club 69 sometime around 1994, no word of a lie! At the end of the night everyone was waiting on the steps for their taxis, and some wag thought it would be fun to strike up a chorus of "A Good Heart Is Hard To Find". Feargal Sharkey didn't join in, as you might expect. He just looked right fucked off.

Peter said...

Those flutes are already giving me nightmares. I'd never heard this before and I'm a bit of a Weatherall trainspotter (but then aren't we all?).

Thanks for your blog, I've only just discovered it and it's pretty awesome. Well actually, not wanted to gush, it's very awesome.