Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Greyhawk - Boiled Acid EP

Nothing but DJAX today:

One of two records that Michiel Holtgreve (me neither) released under the Greyhawk alias for DJAX, this one does exactly what it says on the tin. Should appeal to any Ege Bam Yasi or old-skool DJAX fans. As with a lot of this shit, the B-side is better than the A-side, but there you go...

Greyhawk - Boiled Acid

A1 - Acid Report
A2 - Intoxicated Sounds
A3 - Trance Elevator
B1 - Point Of Intersection
B2 - Acid Quake
B3 - Epidemic Future

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WYV said...

I have loads of old acidmixes on tape and on some of them was this tune with a wicked whistle, never found out what track it was...until now: Intoxicated Sounds.

Another gap filled.

Thanx a lot!

Järv said...

Hi Moggieboy, glad to see you're finding the time to post more highly interesting stuff. This and the post before this one is going to entertain the local neighborhood trough my speakers for the next couple of hours. Cheers!