Friday, 10 April 2009

One Dove - Breakdown (The Secret Knowledge Remixes)

One Dove never really lived up to the hype that came with them - their debut album was talked up to be "the next Screamadelica", but was more of a damp squib sales-wise. Shame, as they were a great band. There were always a few dodgy rumours going round about them as well, quite an aptly named band if the truth be told.

Good to see that Dot Allison's put her mad druggy days behind her - the last time I saw her was onstage with Pete Doherty a few weeks ago. Oh...

A - Breakdown (Secret Knowledge Light Mix)
B - Breakdown (Secret Knowledge Dark Mix)

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disco boy said...

shit hot blog, love all the weatherall related stuff. not that i'm super famous or anything, but i compiled the first sabres/weatherall discography with a coupla other guys way back in the early 90's, it used to be up on hyperreal.

anyhoo, any chance i could get you to post the flowered up "weekender" weatherall mixes? i've had a hankering to hear that for a long time, and i keep getting outbid on the bay.

thanks yo.

micah said...

the one dove album still sounds like pretty much nothing else. fine by me if it never got to be huge — i almost prefer as a little secret of my own. though, being younger and not english, what are these rumours i missed out on? ;)

bossman said...

cheers Moggie, never heard these mixes before...they are quite 'havin' it' arent they?