Friday, 15 May 2009

Boo Williams - Midnight Express EP

No, not anything to do with Giorgio Moroder's classic 'Chase' soundtrack, but the title track of a classic Relief EP form 2005. A bit of a shit pressing, it always seemed a bit too distorted to me, but they're all like that apparently. At least it wasn't on Trax records - they were the worst pressings ever.

Track A2 & B2 have both got lockgrooves on them - I was out of the room there for A2 and thought it had got a bit repetitive (9 mins later!) - I've done a wee fade for you on them both. My pick o'the bunch is track B1 - it got the most plays back in the day. A perfect representation of what Relief Records was all about, I reckon...

Boo Williams - Midnight Express EP
A1 - Midnight Express
A2 - Planet Earth
B1 - Cloud Burst
B2 - Blast Off

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Anonymous said...

love the blog mate.

I had the pleasure of living in Glasgow from 93-97. Great times.
Its nice to hear your tunes and read your patter :)

how about some more relief goodies...

Flynner said...

Legend, love this EP!