Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Optimo - Drum Attack! Mix

A few years back, JD Twitch did a great series of monthly mixes for the Optimo site. They all had different themes, and were always a nice wee treat for the iPod. Only snag was that they were encoded at a pish bitrate - 128kbps to be precise.

This one was always a favourite of mine, especially the mixing of the TV On The Radio track over the Liquid Liquid one. Magnificent! So - a request popped up on the Echatio Forum the other day, asking if someone could repost it. Being the generous chap he is, Twitch not only uploaded it, but stuck it up at 320kbps! Get this one down your internet pipe - it is truly special. Twitch, if you're reading this, can we get a 320 of the "What On Earth..." one next...?

Optimo - Drum Attack! Mix
Flying Rhythms - Trance Space (JD Twitch re-edit)
Syclops - Mom, The Video Broke
Villalobos - Dexter (Truffle Club drum-off)
TV on the Radio - Staring At The Sun
Liquid Liquid - Bellhead (DFA 2004 Version)
Fela Kuti - Zombie (JD Twitch re-edit)
The Impossible Dreamers - Spin
ESG - Standing In Line
23 Skidoo - Fire

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DG said...

Cool, this is one of my faves out of that series.

Anonymous said...

hey man have you got more Blake Baxter? I would really like to get hold of 'When a Thought Becomes U'. Cheers Man

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, thanks for taking the time to put these tracks online. Well done chief. Its folk like you that keep the internet alive :-)

chrisb said...

i downloaded this just to hear staring at the sun mixed as it's one of my faves but always felt it needed something more. not sure the cowbell is doing it but i'll give it another go, if only for the fact it reminds me of the will ferrell SNL sketch 'more cowbell'.
good job though.

pone said...

goose bumps when "staring at the sun" kicked in, no joke!