Monday, 25 May 2009

M.S.B. - Most Significant Beat

Dunno if I've put up any Italian records yet, but here's a starter for 10 anyway. Coming out on the Nature label, which I mistakenly used to think was an offshoot of Fatcat for some reason. According to Discogs, it's "an Italian label devoted to neo-electro and IDM sounds."

I hate the term 'IDM' but I guess that's what some folk would call this. It's fairly lo-fi, a bit 'Conemelt minus the humorous titles' if you like. Track B1 is the killer here - noisy, dirty 4/4 with great noises over the top. B2's a breakbeat with equally fab noises. The A-side's a bit too chin-stroking for my liking but see what you think...

M.S.B. - Most Significant Beat
A1 - Heart Thinks Wide
A2 - A Flux To Follow
B1 - Rio Blank
B2 - Solo Numerico

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roadtested said...

jeez how many records do you own? always finding something new here. many thanks!!

Moggieboy said...

Cheers guys. Yep - I didn't eat much in the mid 90s, and spare cash was spent on vinyl and 'miscellaneous'...