Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Quadrant - Infinition / Hyperprism

Long-time R-i-G viewers will be aware that I've been chasing this one for ages. Classic Maurizio from 1993. Finally took the plunge and bought a reissue in Rub-A-Dub today. It's no Planet-E original, but the key track is there.

My best memory of hearing 'Infinition' is from an illicit boat party organised by the notorious Pussypower brigade from Glasgow. You had to meet up at Granton Pier in Edinburgh at midnight, before sailing off and returning at 8am. The boat got delayed in leaving, as someone had forgotten a turntable and they had to go and borrow one from The Venue! Very makeshift, with slipmats made from Budweiser box cut-outs. Anyway, the boat ended up circling under the Forth bridge to create waves, then floating all over the place. At this moment, Terry the DJ stuck this tune on and the place went completely bonkers. One of the best nights of my life! Nights like these are ingrained in my memory - can't believe I can remember such minute details despite the nick I was in at the time (about 15 years ago), mind you as any ex-clubber knows it's all about the short term memory loss...

A - Infinition
B - Hyperprism

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Anonymous said...

Great Story! Wonderful Times, I was on two of the boat gigs, n they were truly memorable. Martin, Terry n Jason were really sharp in trying for whacky venues! They also had the one and only dance night at The People's Palace. I have very detailed memories of hugging a huge palm tree! Not sure what that says about me. T&J were fab, but just loved that poppy tooooooo much. Thanks for the memories! LOVE.