Friday, 8 May 2009

Round One - I'm Your Brother

... where Maurizio goes vocal house!

The third (fourth?) offshoot from Basic Channel was Main Street records, home of Moritz & Mark's house adventures. This features the title sung inna 'Caravan-Of-Love' stylee over a great uplifting house groove.

Check out Chez & Ron's darker, twisted take on things on the flip - they do away with the main vocal in favour of a few wee snippets.

A bit different from yer average Basic Channel release, no???

Well worth checking out...

A1 - I'm Your Brother (Club Version)
A2 - I'm Your Brother (Edit)
B - I'm Your Brother (Chicago's Twisted Mix)

Buy it here


Alan said...

Ron & Chez mix is amazing!

Sean said...

cheers! I bought the compilation rounds 1-5, and it sadly got scratched. It's a wonderful journey to be led through someone's collection, being appreciated here in Berlin.

Moggieboy said...

Cheers guys, got another couple of these ones to fire up at some point.

Funktifeyeno said...

Truly one of the greatest House records ever made