Thursday, 28 May 2009

Round Three Feat. Tikiman - Acting Crazy

Maurizio in dubby-as-fuck mode here, this features Tikiman on vocals. It's got all those Basic Channel noises, genuine 'dub house' for anyone who dares to question that such a sub-genre exists. Someone on Discogs reckons that if you mix this into Laurent Garnier's Acid Eiffel you're onto a 'special moment'. I've yet to take the plunge but lemme know if you try it.

Only the one post today as I'm off to get Ripped In Brighton for a long weekend, and need to get my shit together tonight. Typically the one weekend where everything seems to be happening up here: The Horrors, Patrick Wolf, Truffle Club at Club For Heroes, The Wee Chill and hunners of other stuff which I've forgotten about. Ah well, it's a special occasion.
C U Next Tuesday...

Round Three Feat. Tikiman - Acting Crazy
A - Acting Crazy (Club Vocal)
B1 - Acting Crazy (Instrumental)
B2 - Acting Crazy (Edit)

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Anonymous said...

Ace- great release, great post. Thanks.