Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sapiano - Maniak

I've heard loads of DJs over the years make great use of the big spirally noise at the end of Hole In One's 'N.Counter Of The 4th Kind' track (one for the future - not got it in this flat). This is the first actual track I came across that uses it.

It's certainly clearing out the cobwebs from my Thursday at work. Sounding magnificent as I type this. The original mix was always the one for me, but you can make up your own mind. Track B1 does away with the big spirally noise for some reason. FYI - Black & Brown? ... known to their mums as Daz Saund & Trevor Rockcliffe. That's that sorted out then...

Sapiano - Maniak

A - Maniak
B1 - Maniak Groove
B2 - Maniak (Black And Brown Remix)

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