Monday, 11 May 2009

The Secret Order - Tri Tone EP

... aka Conemelt. Another one from New Ground Dance Division, more are available here. 1994 must have been quite a year for this lot, as there were albums, double-pack 12"s and all sorts of 'aka/alias' nonsense flying around on various labels. Think I managed to get them all but doubtless will have missed something.

This is quite an upbeat selection, still retaining the trademark lo-fi feel. The live version of the A-side is fairly unrecognisable on the B-side. Saw Conemelt live a couple of times and they always managed to put on a mind-blowing show...

The Secret Order - Tri Tone EP
A - Transgression One
B1 - Transgression One (Live In Taffeta Mix)
B2 - Plus Three Quarters To The Flaw

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WYV said...

better, of course

ugomonio said...

yes, YES ! thank you