Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Various - Touché Compilation 2 (first record only)

Found this just there but I've only got one of the three records that make up the compilation. It's too good not to put up, I remember seeing it in a bargain bucket for £1 so it was a no-brainer.

The last couple of Dobre & Jamez tracks I've put up seem to have gone down quite well, so here are three more. Side A is the pair of them together, and Side B is each of them individually. All three tracks have got their signature 'clean-as-fuck' production that we know and love...

A - Tata Box Inhibitors - Protein
B1 - R Factors - Vis-À-Vis (Dobre)
B2 - Loophole - Mind Escapes (Jamez)

Buy the full thing here


Anonymous said...

Please post more Dobre & Jamez from this period - in fact if you have it - ALL their records from this time - never heard their Paperclip People Throw remixes which I think at time I just ignored because I loved the original too much like everyone did ...