Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Young American Primitive - These Waves

Another response to a request from RiG regular Tommy, here's what he says about this one:

"I had a look through my CDs and the YAP CD....I think I have sold it. Seem to remember there were only 1 or 2 tracks I really liked on it anyway. I ripped it at some point and then when space became an issue on the hard drive (this was in the days when a 30GB hard drive was considered massive) I culled the album to only what I liked from it. The stand out track was always These Waves...duly posted on 4shared."

Cheers for these Tommy, it's always handy when there's another cunt to help you out with any missing tunes...

Young American Primitive - These Waves

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shift_4ward said...

Great track. this is when San Francisco was really injecting some quality breaks into house. cheerz :]

moolarb said...

Thanks for this, but unfortunately this is the one and only YAP track that I've got. Desperate to find any others out there. Cheers anyway.

Anonymous said...

excellent band of 90s.... your CD 1992 i search .... there is fantastic sounds, excellent disc...thnak by single