Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Armando - One Love One Future

No prizes for guessing that the reason for this purchase was the Cajmere mix, but fuck me - it's all killer nae filler round here.

A collection of mixes from the final album by one of dance music's true pioneers. He departed for the great disco in the sky the same year due to leukemia, yet the Bonos and Jim Davidsons of the world continue to plague us - there is no justice...

Cajmere's 'Vision' works along very happily with a deep-as-hell bass hook, but the acid line on the Armando Original is top dollar - takes me back to the old Pure days bouncing about on the stage...

Mike Dunn provides the mixes on the flip, and brings it down to a nice housey level, bit of piano but never entering cheese territory, you know the drill. A nice overall remix package...

Armando - One Love One Future
A1 - The Future (Cajmere's Vision)
A2 - The Future (Armando's Original)
B1 - Sweet Love (MDZ Hard Luv Dubb)
B2 - Sweet Love (MDZ Club Luv Mixx)

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