Friday, 7 August 2009

Finitribe - I Want More

A fab cover of the Can classic here, from one of Edinburgh's finest bands. A nice companion to the Devotion compliation from below.

Three great mixes, with B2 being a bit slower and darker than the other two. An anthem from back in the day at Glasgow Tech if I remember correctly, although my brain was always a bit pickled with snakebite and blackcurrant on those late 80s nights...

While we're on the subject of Edinburgh, it's now officially the 'annual tosspot migration' (read that article - funny as fuck) of the festival. Do not fear though, as afterhours respite is here in the form of the Bang Bang Club's magnificent looking residency at Teviot House for each Thurs-Sun beginning tonight with Steve Severin (Friday night resident!) creating a live soundtrack for four versions of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari. Check oot the line-up here, paying particular attention to the cunt who's DJing on the 15th at the Big Ned show.

*EDIT* - now with added link. Put it down to the jetlag.

Finitribe - I Want More
A - I Want More (Row Row Row The Mix)
B1 - I Want More
B2 - Idiot Strength

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Good to have you back. Holiday hasn't dulled your tongue I see.

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Fuck - managed to post the wrong link I see. Ho hum...