Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mothra - Insecticide

This is the second Sabrettes 12" which was sent by Mr Techtech2009, and a fine one it is, too. I remember this one from first time around as well, unbelievably.

Three colour-themed mixes to be getting on with, the green one being the most dancefloor-friendly. It's got a great bass/drum riff that goes on and on, with hi-range noises jumping in from time to time, a bit o'flange and some snatches of female vocal.

The yellow mix is much slower, it starts off a bit 'Artificial Intelligence'-style then moves into Kraftwerk territory. All very nice.

The final red mix is more similar to B1 than A, but features some eastern-sounding noises (or is it just me?) Interesting, nonetheless.

On further inspection, these seem to be the guys from Jack Of Swords - Sabres being as incestuous as ever...

A big thanks to Techtech2009 for supplying the high-quality rips (as always) and apologies for making it look as if I wasn't going to bother putting them up...

Mothra - Insecticide
A - Insecticide (Green Mix)
B1 - Insecticide (Yellow Mix)
B2 - Insecticide (Red Mix)

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Ron said...

That Yellow Mix is fucking brilliant, been playiong it all week

Anonymous said...

Well, liked it on the headphones, starting to think its mibbe a wee bit on the Ozric Tentacles side now..