Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pyrex Detox - Temple Trax EP

Back to earth with a bang (bang!?), back to work today and feeling pretty shitty so here's the first of three Sabres-related posts to make us all feel a bit better. Whilst doing a clearout of some stuff on my computer (these 320kbps files are pretty big - a load of movies can get tae fuck), I came across two Sabrettes EPs that that Mr Techtech2009 sent me a while back, as I seemed to be putting them up quite frequently at the time. They're ones I've not got as well, which there's not many of. After sending an email of thanks I promptly forgot about them until now, so here you go. I'm due another session of swapping records in this flat with the ones in storage at my mate's house so I'm sure that all the old favourites will return soon.

This EP was their second for Sabrettes, after this one. They only went on to do one more EP, for a different label a couple of years later and that was it.

Lots of muffled percussion with some nice hissing hi-hats and some squelchy noises that come right to the front of the mix, some flange creeping in as well (we love the flange).

The track title for B2's a bit off-putting, it's not an ambient track as such, but there's a good bit of guitar in there. Maybe I thought it was gonna be in the same vein as LAMF's Ambient Metal album but it's not...

Pyrex Detox - Temple Trax EP
A1 - Orbit-1
A2 - Quadrafunk
B1 - Alpha FX
B2 - Guitambience

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