Friday, 14 August 2009

Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic / Alan Vega / Stephen Burroughs - Che (Suicide Covers Series)

Here's the latest installment in the not-very-prolific Suicide covers 10" series. I kinda like that though, they keep changing their minds about what's coming up next. The latest one was supposed to be the Peaches one, or so I thought.

Another nod to the Bang Bang Club here - the perfect place to hear a Suicide tune or two (played by me tomorrow night). Tonight's club features volume 2/4 of Steven Severin's soundtracks to The Trials of Dr Caligari. Get yourself down if you're in the area - it kicks off at 12:30am and goes on till 5am - get home just in time for a nice brekkie...

The A-side sees US doom/drone merchants Sunn O))) team up with Finnish minimal electronic duo Pan Sonic to do one of my favourite Suicide tracks, Che. I remember seeing Pan Sonic back when they were Panasonic at a Pure/Optimo related thing and they were loud as hell. This track is drone-tastic and does the original proud.

B1 has the 70 year old(!) man himself recorded live only last year with the vocals as good as ever. Electronics are provided by a lady called Liz Lamere.

B2's an acoustic number by Stephen Burroughs from Head Of David - a cover of the Vega solo track "Goodbye Darling".

All in all a no bad 10", but I'm still hanging on for Mogwai, Julian Cope & Spiritualized's efforts.

The release has completely sold out so you can have it at the full 320kbps. Mine's a white vinyl btw...

Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic / Alan Vega / Stephen Burroughs - Che
A - Sunn O))) & Pan Sonic - Che
B1 - Alan Vega - 13 X Live
B2 - Stephen Burroughs - Goodbye Darling

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Moggieboy said...

They're all up, apart form the Primal Scream one. Click the Suicide label on the post and you'll get them.

Blogger said...

Sprinter - Function One (160BPM)