Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Cajmere - Feelin Kinda High

Strange, I took a wee notion to fire this up today as I was walking home from work, as I'd clocked it yesterday in a pile. Got home to check the email and someone had put a comment on this post asking for this very record. Bizarre...

So - three untitled mixes of the title track, featuring vocals from Terence FM. The A-side mix is fairly strightforward with a repeating bass riff and the vocal hook repeated throughout, but the B-side's where it's at. B1 fucks it all up big style with a completely different bassline that goes all Green Velvety after a bit. B2 is a lot more percussive and dubby, it sounds like it's waiting to break into the crashing drums of 'Flash' but never does. The vocal sneaks in after about 4 minutes and gets phased in and out of the mix. It goes mental towards the end, lots of squelching and tribally percussion.

Anyone for some more Cajmere...?

Cajmere - Feelin Kinda High
A - Untitled
B1 - Untitled
B2 - Untitled

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DJ GUS said...

agree with first 1