Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Cajmere - Underground Goodies Vol 4

Better late than never, especially for the guy who keeps requesting this EP. I'm working through the masses of vinyl in the flat with a view to swapping them with another load, and came across this wee gem again whilst doing so.

As well as the classic "Let Me Be" (already dealt with here), the other three tracks are all winners in their own right. Why the fuck did I not fire up the whole EP last time round? Dunno, but here you go...

A2 has a great kinda detuned piano riff with some great vocals and is everything I adore about Cajmere.

On the flip (South Side), B1 contains the "so simple it's great" vocal hook "tee-dum, diddly um-dum" repeated throughout, over various percussive noises. B2 is a lot more like how he introduced Green Velvet with the noises a bit harder this time. I remember being really shocked when I first heard the Preacher Man 12" but when you compare it back to stuff like this (from 1992) it kinda makes sense...

Cajmere - Underground Goodies Vol 4
A1 - Let Me Be
A2 - Believe In Me (Chit Chat Mix)
B1 - Tee Dum
B2 - Conflict

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Your posts are great. Really take me back.

Moggieboy said...

Yep sure do - it's on its way up just now...