Monday, 14 September 2009

Cajmere - Underground Goodies Vol VI

Another 4 Cajmere classics from 1994.

A1 has some skippy percussion noises with some 'party'-style vocal samples thrown into the mix. Track A2 is classic Cajmere - fucked up piano riff, great percussion and a dreamy vocal before a haunting synth comes over the top. Magnificent.

B1 reminds me a bit of this track in style (which I've got somewhere), and ended up getting remixed to fuck afterwards a la Flash.

B2 seems to be a percussion 'version' of Wet Dream from this EP. I wonder if Janus was the person he was having the Wet Dream about.

After my email about yesterday's Fuck Buttons post I think I'll stick to my original remit of only putting up stuff that's out of print. Fuck sake - I was only trying to encourage people to check out a taster for the album, which you would all go out and buy due to the Weatherall connection, wouldn't you...?

*EDIT* --> get the Horny Toad Remix on TechTech2009.

Cajmere - Underground Goodies Vol VI
A1 - The Party
A2 - A Luv Song
B1 - Horny
B2 - Janus

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Axel said...

Thank you so much for your time and share. So so much!