Monday, 19 October 2009

Alien Disco - In Flight Entertainment

A double-pack of spacey minimal tracks from 1997 on the Alien Disco label.

Dunno too much about this, apart from the fact that Tom Spragg (me neither) did A1-C1 and Aubrey is responsible for the rest. You can tell that they're done by different folk - Tom's are more kinda 'happy' sounding, if that makes sense. I'm not talking happy hardcore here, rather spacey minimal techno with a cheeky grin on its face. That grin isn't so present in Aubrey's trio of tracks but it's a great package all in. Not dark, evil or sinister, but great rhythmic minimal techno that pulses along very nicely.

If it's dark evil sinister stuff you're after then stay tuned for an exclusive tomorrow...

Alien Disco - In Flight Entertainment
A1 - In Flight Entertainment
B1 - Basics
B2 - Traces
C1 - Slide
C2 - Hi Grade
D1 - Bleen
D2 - Erecto

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Anonymous said...

very good minimal techno, authentic!! a lot of thanks man, fantastic blog!