Friday, 9 October 2009

Arab Strap - Turbulence (Mixes)

Three mixes of Arab Strap, from 2001.

The Bis mix is fab, and sounds like bits of Fade To Gray and Enjoy The Silence in places. A great wee tune. The 'Strap's own mix on B1's mixed (deliberately, I hope) to make the sound go right through you. The Jason Famous mix on B2 has a great heavy drum and bass sound (not THAT sort) with distorted Aiden over the top - another winner there.

Great lyrics, as usual from Mr Moffat, who we were supposed to see at the poetry tent at Latitude this year but the selfish cunt only went and got swine flu and had to cancel.

That's it post-wise till about Wednesday as I'm off down to London tomorrow morning for a wee adventure that will include Peter Murphy on Sunday night and Spiritualized on Monday. Only snag is I'm at a party tonight and will get approximately zero sleep before the train at 8am. Oh well, start as we mean to continue I guess. If the guy who offered to buy me a pint at the Spiritualized gig is reading this then email me at some point and I'll take you up on your kind offer, with bells on...

Arab Strap - Turbulence (Mixes)
A - Turbulence (Bis)
B1 - Turbulence (Strap)
B2 - Turbulence (Famous)

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