Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Corridor - Atrocities Etc

Mostly unreleased material from Tonbridge's finest, The Corridor.

I got an email from founder member Chris Barter recently via myspace (remember that?), thanking me for putting up the Corridor stuff that's appeared so far(!), and offering me some more where that came from. Fuck me - the generosity of some people is unbelieveable...

So needless to say I emailed back with my address and sure enough last week I got an album on CD along with four CD-Rs of unreleased stuff. WTF?!?! Chris very kindly labelled the CD-Rs with the personnel involved with each track as well. Above and beyond the call of duty or what??

This is a random CD-R from the four, which Chris entitled 'Atrocities Etc'. I've labelled the tracks A, B & C as he did on the label, so you can see who's involved:

A = Chris Barter
B = Andrew Phillips & Chris Barter
C = Ashley Marlowe & Chris Barter

I've used Megaupload as it's over 100Mb and the RAR thing doesn't seem to be too successful judging by my previous efforts (4Shared can only go 100Mb per file), so I'll have no idea how many downloads this will get, but will stick up the rest of the stuff in due course if you seem up for it via the comments box.

What's this CD like? Well, it ticks all the boxes marked 'lo-fi', 'evil', 'dark' and 'sinister' if that floats your boat. It certainly does it for me.

Cheers again Chris - you're a star...

The Corridor - Atrocities Etc
1 - Djaego Moon (A)
2 - Intro (A)
3 - L'Inconnue de la Seine (B)
4 - X (C)
5 - The Thalid (Unmastered) (C)
6 - Fury 2 (A)
7 - Obsidian (Unmastered) (A)
8 - Criminals - Code - Criminally Yours Remix (C)
9 - Black Leather Speech Defect (A)
10 - Uplink Down Quark (A)

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Anonymous said...

top notch stuff - loving the Corridor!!

9f said...

Brilliant. Thanks to you & Chris Barter. I'm looking forward to hearing more. I haven't listened to Sabres "Deep Cuts" comp for a long time, hearing "X" again made me dig it out. Most of afternoon it's been "Atrocities etc" then "Deep Cuts" one after the other. Looks like a Corridor disc is on this weekend's shopping list.