Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dave Angel - Handle With Care EP

This is part 2 of this 2-part 12" set, bought for the two excellent Carl Craig remixes.

Track A1' s a fairly decent techno track from Dave Angel, which is very exuberant and sounds not unlike Dark & Long(?) by Underworld.

The remixes, however, are where it's at. A2 sounds like a Landcruising-era Craig remix which ticks all the right boxes, but the beatless track on the flip is the money shot - check out this very enthusiastic review on Discogs. No sign of Dave Angel anywhere on these two, I wonder why Mr Craig chucked them away on this fairly low-key release...

12 minutes of sheer bliss, which should make you smile inside on an otherwise shitty Tuesday evening...

PS - just realised that the torrent linkys on the left were fucked due to the lack of Pirate Bay. I've re-upped them to Mininova and will seed till at least Xmas.

Dave Angel - Handle With Care EP
A1 - Shuffle
A2 - Take Off (Carl Craig Mix)
B - Airborne (Carl Craig's Drums Suck Mix)

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House-Techno-Dance said...

Moggieboy top release in my opinion, have you got disc 2?