Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fever Ray - Live in Luleå

Live version of one of the albums of the year.

This was given away as a free download with The Guardian today, so it's in the public domain and any non UK/non Guardian folks can get it here.

Fever Ray were one of the highlights of the Latitude festival this year, with a stunning stage show to boot. I'm glad I got to see them as it's game over after a London show on 5 December.

As well as the album tracks, there's a cover of Nick Cave and Anita Lane’s Stranger Than Kindness on this. What a fuckin voice singer Karin Dreijer Andersson has - if you're not familiar with The Knife's albums then purchase them immediately. There's a cash in Deluxe double disk version of this album coming out as well, with extra tracks on the CD and videos on the DVD. One for the Xmas list I reckon.

Wonder what's next then, another Knife album I hope...

Fever Ray - Live in Luleå <<-- new link
1 - If I Had A Heart
2 - Triangle Walks
3 - Concrete Walls
4 - Seven
5 - I'm Not Done
6 - Now's The Only Time I Know
7 - Keep The Streets Empty
8 - Dry And Dusty
9 - Stranger Than Kindness
10 - When I Grow Up
11 - Coconut

Buy the Special Edition of the album here


Moggieboy said...

Yep - get that RA podcast, it's FAB.

shift_4ward said...

Fever Ray Rules The Forest!!!! Mystic Creatures Unite.

Marsel said...

Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know who the other singer is on the live track of Keep The Streets Empty?

Moggieboy said...

OK sure - watch this space...

yaminopikapika said...