Friday, 30 October 2009

Jesus Jones - Zeros And Ones (Aphex Twin Remixes)

... and while we're on the subject of pish bands getting the remix treatment.

Couldn't believe it when I saw this 12" in the shop - Jesus fuckin Jones? Don't get me wrong, I'd seen them more than once in various dark and dingy establishments back in the 80s but had never actually LIKED them. Oh no.

I haven't listened to this for years (the mantra which persuaded me to get off my ass and do this blog), and always assumed it was one of those 'remixes' that he just picked up a random DAT tape for when the courier came from the record company. Mind you, there's a snatch of breathy vocal that could just be our man Mike Edwards (I didn't even need to google his name, how sad is that). Two pretty good mixes, it has to be said.

Am I allowed to say that I only had a brief interest in the Aphex Twin? Saw him a couple of times circa Didgeridoo, stuck around for Ambient Works Vol 1, the Polygon Window stuff then lost interest. 1993 basically. Oh aye, got that 'Come To Viddy' as well but only for the video for a few times when you were fucked about 6am and there was someone there who hadn't seen it.

Oh aye, the tracks? B1 = before you go out, B2 = once you eventually wake up. Nuff said.

The A-side of this 12" has a Prodigy mix that I've never listened to and two others which I haven't either. Fuck that pish.

The last I head, Jesus Jones were doing corporate gigs in America for big company bashes where they'd come on, play about four tracks then fuck off and pocket the cash. Sellout cunts. Meanwhile, Mr Aphex is in semi retirement playing the odd gig and releasing the occasional uncredited piece of nonsense...

Jesus Jones - Zeros And Ones (Aphex Twin Remixes)
B1 - Zeroes And Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction (1) Mix)
B2 - Zeroes And Ones (Aphex Twin Reconstruction (2) Mix)

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techtech2009 said...

Got the same kind of Aphex experience except I didn't return until I got a promo of Windowlicker. From there I never returned again. Thought the video and music on that was fun but didn't expect much after that. I always thought it was for the students and the trainspotters

David Watson said...

I too always thought Aphex was a bit hit and miss, and all that utter bollocks he spouts about not releasing his best stuff because everyone would copy it really pissed me off.