Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Peel Sessions

Two Peel Sessions from the best thing to come out of East Kilbride, from 1985 and 1986.

Tracks 1-3 feature the classic lineup of Jim & William, along with Douglas Hart on bass and Bobby Gillespie on drums. Now THAT's a reunion I'd pay good money to see. Douglas Hart has been at pretty much every Primal scream gig I've been to, always armed with a video camera. He must have hundreds of hours of footage of them on tour - I dread to think what kind of activity he'd have captured. Wonder if it'll ever see the light of day. He also did the stunning light show for their most recent tour.

Tracks 4-6 are just the brothers Reid with trusty drum machine, pre Darklands.

Caught them a few times the first time round which were a bit hit'n'miss, there was an infamous show at the Barras where someone spiked Jim's drink with smack (or so the story goes) and they came on stage and played Surfin USA three times in a row, false starts a gogo. More recently they're been on top form - caught them at a couple of festivals in 2007 and they sounded excellent. Jim was looking unbelievably good but William's turned into a right fat cunt (years of boozing I guess).

Ah well, catch them here at their prime, I'm off to get dressed up...

The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Peel Sessions
1 - Inside Me
2 - The Living End
3 - Just Like Honey
4 - Fall
5 - Happy Place
6 - In The Rain (About You)

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drew said...

nothing wrong with turning into a fat cunt

Novemberer said...

These 2 are good, but their 1st Peel sesh is "The One" - their amps are feedbacking so much they start picking up Radio 4 from the studio next door & the version of "In A Hole" is AWESOME...

Bill said...

......what Drew said....totally agree.