Saturday, 24 October 2009

Julian Cope - Concert Climax - Live In The Hearing Of The Motherfucker

Another Cope oddity, this time supposedly on "Southern Cross Recordings" from Italy, circa 2005, but you can never be sure.

A live recording from the Royal Festival Hall, this features mostly new(ish) tracks, apart from Easter Everywhere (from his shittest album, My Nation Underground), which I saw him play in 1988 at this gig. Very bizarre, it is ripped from a CD that I bought off his website a few years back. It only appeared briefly and soon disappeared.

There's a great rant about Odin/Vikings etc at the start of the last track so make of that what you will. In fact, if anyone is in any doubt as to whether JC has taken enough acid in his life then you should reassess that judgement after listening to this track. Pure bonkers.

The lineup includes Doggen from Spiritualized and Thighpaulsandra from Coil, along with Holy McGrail from ambient collective Slomo and Mister E on the drums.

Fuck me - it's much easier to rip a CD than vinyl - just pop it into iTunes and click 'Import', scan in the sleeve and you're there. They're still pish though. I never liked them.

Megaupload again, as it's >100Mb.

Fuck, my head hurts. Just woke up fully clothed in bed about half one, that never happens (the fully clothed bit). Must've been that 7% cider I was drinking last night. Ouch...

Julian Cope - Concert Climax - Live In The Hearing Of The Motherfucker
1 - Los Generation
2 - Easter Everywhere
3 - How The West Was Lost
4 - The Living Dead
5 - Living In The Room They Found Saddam In
6 - I'm Gonna Get Some
7 - Untitled
8 - By The Light Of The Silbury Moon

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nathan said...

Oh man... I know that waking up fully clothed feeling. That's 7% for you. I had a brief affair with extra-strong cider one summer. I always remember reaching for the can out of the chiller then darkness and nothing and then surprise wake up fully clothed... somewhere. At least you were at home.

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