Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Laurent Garnier - Club Traxx EP

Excellent double-pack from 1995 on the F Communications label.

Nice and handy this - three sides play at 45rpm and one plays at 33. Cheers, Laurent - just the ticket for drunken spinning in dark rooms. I'll let him off though, as these tracks show him at the top of his game.

Post 'Man With The Red Face' he lost the plot if you ask me, so this represents the midpoint in his decade of quality tunes.

Highlight has to be the final side, Dance 2 The Music, but each one of the five tunes is a winner in my book.

I saw Laurent DJ a few times back in the day and was always blown away. His two Essential Mixes from 1994 were excellent as well. If anyone's got the Silicium - Nowhere EP as featured on his June 94 mix can they rip it and sling it my way. I'd be eternally grateful, it reminds me of my only ever jaunt over to Ibiza in 1994.

Phew! That was all a bit commercial, wasn't it. Unlike what I've just pulled out...

Laurent Garnier - Club Traxx EP
A - Side Effects
B1 - Rachando O Bico
B2 - Pigalle
C - Aquarius
D - Dance 2 The Music

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Moggieboy said...

Wow - cheers for that! It's a guilty pleasure but I fuckin love it.