Thursday, 22 October 2009

Magazine - Electric Proms Live - 22 Oct 2009

Hot off the press, the magnificent Magazine, reformed for 2009 and this may be their last show.

Check this fuckin set out - recorded this very evening from 6 Music and features Magazine doing 'strictly A-sides and B-sides' for a stunning 45 minute show.

We saw them at the Latitude festival back in July and were blown away - I'd seen the Buzzcocks at the start of the year but this was something else. Weird thing was they played in the tent on Sunday night, second headliner to the Gossip (yawn). Meanwhile on the main stage it was Editors (double yawn) followed by headliners Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Cue a mass exodus from the tent to the main stage after Magazine, and all the young 'uns doing the reverse journey for their pish. Surely bad planning by the organisers there, no? Poor Barry Adamson had to hotfoot it from one stage to the other as well. Bet that cunt had a helicopter though - it was at least 200 yards. Made it just in time though, and both delivered tip top sets.

This is how you play a 'reformed' set. Are you listening, Ian Astbury...?

Magazine - Electric Proms Live - 22 Oct 2009
1 - Shot By Both Sides
2 - Rhythm Of Cruelty
3 - A Song from Under the Floorboards
4 - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
5 - Sweetheart Contract
6 - Feed The Enemy
7 - Give Me Everything
8 - The Book
9 - Twenty Years Ago
10 - The Light Pours Out Of Me
11 - I Love You, You Big Dummy
12 - Give Me Everything

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Kaggsy said...

Thank *sooooooo* much for this - Magazine are inspirational as always - great post, brilliant!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a star - I was at the gig and it was just great! My Doves backstage pass meant I just missed meeting them all as well. Inn the end only Noko was there. Bummer!

Also saw them headlining in London in February as well - and at the Lyceum in '78!


Davis McArdle said...

Cheers indeed for this rip. If they do call it a day again after this gig, then it's a fine way to bow out. Done themselves nothing but proud all through the reformation. Ta v-much!

Moggieboy said...

Cheers anon!

Novemberer said...

Saw their first Mancs gig after the reformation & it really was an exceptional night! Howard was on the verge of tears for half of it, a really great show...

mrrey23 said...

Thanks for this musical gem! Wish they would've play Model Worker but still a stellar set! Keep the musical goodness flowin' brotha!

Anonymous said...

thanks! i had 4 tracks from this as bonus traxs to manchester 2009 bootleg but my hard-drive broke. great to hear this again.