Saturday, 31 October 2009

Moggieboy - Halloween Pumpkin Tunes

Not strictly a download, but a plug for the pumpkin that my overtalented mate knocked us up in a quick half hour for tomorrow night's halloween party. It's to go outside in the garden of the hosts. Serves the cunts right for having a garden. And staying in Edinburgh. I'll stick to my 3rd floor Glasgow tenement.

Theme = rock icons.

I'm going as Nigel Tufnel and m'lady is going as Robert Smith in the Lullaby video. My costume's fairly shite, got the t-shirt with the skeleton done in luminous green, cut the sleeves off, drainpipe black jeans and hideous white shoes, complete with horrendous mullet wig. She's got a pair of spot on men's pyjamas, a frightwig and mental black makeup. Spray-on cobwebs and furry spider to be added enroute. Looks magnificent.

The train to Edinburgh should be fun, especially the trek home on Sunday.

There might be a post or two on Saturday but Sunday is a write-off. Had planned a quiet night in tonight but things have developed.

I was gonna attempt to remix the Ripped In Glasgow header logo in some kinda spooky halloween style but ended up couldn'ae be arsed. Consider this the replacement.

Here's our signature tunes for the night...

*EDIT* in the absence of a BBC4 rockumentary tonight here's a wee halloween treat - a contender for the best TOTP ever, from 3rd June 1982...

Moggieboy - Halloween Pumpkin Tunes
1 - The Cure - Lullaby
2 - Spinal Tap - Big Bottom

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Moggieboy said...

Thanks a lot - sounds good.