Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Monolake - Cyan

Debut release for Monolake on Chain Reaction, from 1996.

Turns out that one half of this Monolake lineup is the dude who invented Abelton Live! So... no Monolake, no Optimo!?!? They've produced stuff constantly from 1996 right up till self-released stuff today. Check the fairly wanky biog that they've done for their Discogs entry:

"Monolake is an open project dedicated to computer generated music, founded in 1995 by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles. We were impressed and influenced by Minimal Techno music and Drum&Bass and at the same time discovered the sonic richness and sophistication of academic computer music. These poles became the source and inspiration for our own creations."

Gerhard was Mr Abelton, and he's been replaced by the guy from Various Artists. Fuck me - this lot are more incestuous than that Sabres lot!

The A-side has the trademark Chain Reaction sound, but with driving bass, an overlying synth melody(!) and some additional plinky plonky noises at some points - hey, it's almost commercial!

The B-side's got a bit of a fuzzy scratch at the start but you soon get over it. It's much more of a drone with lots of subtle changes through it. The fuzzy scratch may even be part of the track. Drums kick in after about 3 minutes and it's like the fog clearing, a great track indeed.

This is a wee gem in the Chain Reaction stable - well glad I picked it up again today...

Monolake - Cyan
A - Cyan I
B - Cyan II

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