Friday, 2 October 2009

Paperclip People - The Climax / Clear & Present

A bona fide classic for a Friday afternoon to set us up for the weekend's antics, courtesy of Mr Carl Craig from 1995.

Ripping this finally gives me the chance to fanny about with doubling up the mp3 and my 12" on the superb piano intro (might make that my new ringtone, actually), the way I heard someone do back in the day. Maybe it was Carl himself, although I doubt it as I wasn't too impressed with his DJing skills. Moggieboy TrueFact: Carl Craig was the first ever 'guest DJ' I saw play, at Pussypower at this night in 1993. Had a fuckin amazing time, but dunno how much of this was down to the snowballs, and the fact that I was very much in the honeymoon period of my relationship with this crazy machine music. Any time I saw him after this I was much more well versed in what good and bad DJing was and he didn't quite cut it. Always spun great tunes though...

Much preferred seeing him doing a live set, which happened for the first time on this occasion (Pussypower again), which was an excellent night.

What to say about this 12"? He was on fire at this point, pretty much everything he did 1992-94 blew me away. Both sides here are stunning, and you should definitely give over half an hour of your evening to listen to it in full.

I got the notion to upload this 'cos I've been listening to an old Tim Sweeney mix on the work journey today and it starts off with E2E4 (sampled on Remake Uno) and finishes with The Climax going into Cat Power(!), coupled with the fact that its big purple sleeve just jumped out at me...

Paperclip People - The Climax / Clear & Present (separate links for each track)
A - The Climax (Re-worked)
B - Clear & Present

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dc said...

Amazing track. First heard it on Essential Selection on way down to Club UK to hear Mr Garnier do a 6hr set. Was first time I went x-city clubbing, and Garnier dropped it and boy oh boy, did it kick off (in my head anyway).

Mundane Facto: Garnier also played Stepback that night and I was telling one of the London clubbers that it was the same bods that did the night I normally went too. "Bit agressive aint it mate" was the reply.