Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Planetary Assault Systems - Archives

What a fuckin compilation this is. Mostly taken from Planetary Funks 1-4 with some different bits, this sees Luke Slater in punishing form over 9 amazing tracks.

I'm not in the habit of posting whole albums but this seems to be out of print and is basically a compilation of stuff I would have uploaded anyway. The track titles are slightly different form the original 12" releases.

Back in 1995, this was never off my turntables - Luke in this guise could do no wrong in my book. This has great UK techno, Detroit-esque techno and some German sounding stuff in there to boot. My pick o'the bunch (if I was forced to pick a couple at knifepoint) would be Gated and Booster - tip top techno tunes.

He released an album this year as well, but I've not got it. Will go check it out after hearing this again...

Planetary Assault Systems - Archives
Record 1
A1 - In From The Night
A2 - Twighlight
B1 - Trek
B2 - Flightdrop
Record 2
C1 - Manipulator
C2 - Gated
D1 - Booster
D2 - Elec-tric
D3 - Starway Ritual

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Mark said...

Spot on. Gated and especially Booster still sound awesome. I was going through my records recently having a sort and played this... The detroity style whap whaps on Booster still get the old spider senses tingling. Good choice Sir.

Tommy said...

always loved booster....but never knew that those sounds I so liked were called "whap whaps"
thanks Mog, thanks Mark

Ben said...

A favourite of mine, too.

My pick is definitely In From the Night....

...but where do people stand on the clear similarity between that track and Jeff Mills' Step to Enchantment (off Axis04)?