Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sandoz 25 - First Chapter EP

Early (dare I say it) trancey record from 1993 on Injection Records.

This is from the same staple as some of the Harthouse/Frankfurt brigade and is a great wee set of four bangin' acidy trancey tunes. I reckon there's always a time and a place for this kinda shit and I've said before and will no doubt say it again - early 90s trance was no bad thing. Years before it became a by-word the formulaic shite listened to by teenage day-glo Mitsubishi guzzlers, this sort of stuff used to get played back at the likes of Pure and always went down a storm.

A1, B1 and B2 are the big dancefloor tracks (a couple of jumps on B1, apologies for that). Lots of intense noises, synthy breakdowns, acid squelchings and that staple of any trance track, the big build-up. A2 slightly more 'home listening' but it's all relative I guess.

Give it a bash - listen without prejudice as someone once said...

Sandoz 25 - First Chapter EP
A1 - Polytone
A2 - Into Space
B1 - Shellshock
B2 - Rise

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