Wednesday, 21 October 2009

SYT - Pleasure

"Ultimate Seduction"... so went the vocal at the start of side A of this early Sabres 12".

Another Sabres 12" ... I know, I'm in danger of turning into a one-trick pony but what the fuck - this is a great 12".

Didn't realise at the time that it was the work of the Magick Eye / Astralasia crusty-rave brigade but when you listen to it now you can totally hear it in some of the noises. This was a big one round a flat I was a regular guest in circa 1993.

Just in case you didn't realise it from the label scan, SYT stands for Shave Yer Tongue, an old London club from back in t'day.

"Most exquisite pleasure"... don't mind if I do, missus. A and B1 both great commercial tracks, well as commercial as a Sabres record could be. Check out that bass in track B2 - that's a biggie. Fuck me, that breakbeat and that woman yelping in ecstasy - a nice wee Brucie bonus on there at the end, leaving me breathless right enough. Great wee piano outro as well.

There'll be no more Weatherall-related for a bit now, think I've milked the old cow dry a bit over these last couple of weeks.

Mind you, he's back behind the controls of the 6 Mix on Saturday so I guess youi'll be seeing that one up on Sunday...

SYT - Pleasure
A1 - Pleasure
B1 - Pleasure Dub
B2 - Breathless

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Anonymous said...

Keep the Sabres coming - great stuff from back in the day.
Do you have the Waxworth Industries
12" Take The Book and the Secret Knowledge 12" Ooh Baby?
Would love to grab Deep Cuts again as well. The early 90s was a good time for decent underground club music. Cheers for the post.

James said...

Mog - do you plan to provide the 6 Mix in an easy to digest fashion, post-event?... ;-) My minidisc is now toast. Jim

Matthew said...

Keep up the good work Moggie, you can never have enough Weatherall stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Don't stop the Sabres stuff, keep it coming man!

Anonymous said...

hey, u got that unreleased Audrey Witherspoon mix of K Klass, not the officially released one.