Friday, 9 October 2009

Waterlog - Swing The Club EP

Some Danish minimalism from 1997 on the Funque Droppings label (me neither), which has the magnificent catalogue number FUD 01.

I'm no fan of golf and have never experienced polo. Most golfers I know tend to be cunts (apart from my dad but he's a 3 rounds a year kinda guy), the sorts from work who get up at the crack of dawn for a round on a Saturday/Sunday morning. Doubt I'd like polo either, seems to be the preserve of overprivileged inbred fannies from what you read about. But - Waterlog obviously disagree, considering the titles involved with this EP.

These two tracks should appeal to anyone who's been digging the Basic Channel / Chain Reaction stuff I've been posting of late.

The two guys involved appear to be big on the Danish minimal scene - I dunno how difficult this would be to achieve as I can't imagine there is that much of a minimal scene in Denmark. Certainly didn't stumble across any on my recent trip to Copenhagen, that's for sure. I have been known to be wrong though - there's no doubt a Basic Channel-style studio lurking somewhere in deepest Christiania that I'm way too out of touch to be aware of...

Waterlog - Swing The Club EP
A - Golf
B - Polo

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David said...

Fine Dub Techno label from Denmark -

Graham said...

Um, are the tracks not named after Volkswagen models rather than the sports themselves?!

Anonymous said...

or....maybe they mean a wave and a shirt (which you can wear at the same possible sports)? hmmmm.... questions, questions.

anyhoo, another fine post on your excellent blog, thanx Mog.