Monday, 23 November 2009

Manuel And Clive - Warp EP

A clear, black & red 10" that plays inside out, from 1994.

A FUCKING INTENSE couple of tracks from Manuel and Clive, aka The Advent, this was limited to 1,000 and was never repressed. That'll be the pension fund sorted then. Oh - you can pick it up for a tenner on Discogs. Cheers, internet!

Excellent stuff on both sides, particularly the B-side, most rewarding when I initially bought it for aesthetics alone (I'm a sucker for a good vinyl gimmick). Should appeal to anyone who's into Labworks / hard acid techno. I've definitely heard both sides played out, most likely at Pure or Club 69.

Ideal for clearing out any post-weekend cobwebs that may be lurking around...

Manuel And Clive - Warp EP
A - Warp # 1
B - Warp # 2

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