Thursday, 29 January 2009

Manuel And Clive - Molecules

Here's a bit of hard acid for you, courtesy of Manuel and Clive. It's weird, just looked them up on Discogs and it turns out they only released two records and I've got both of them. Didn't realise the other one was them as it's an anonymous black & red clear vinyl thing that plays from the inside out. The magic of the internet!

Anyway back to this track, it's another one of those where the 'tune' is track B1 rather than the A-side (hence the wrong label on the graphic). It starts off like a fairly average acid track then there's a beautiful breakdown and pounding 2nd half. I seem to be using the word 'pounding' rather a lot in this blog, if only there was a techno thesauraus to hand...

Manuel And Clive - Molecules
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Anonymous said...

More of a 'Derek and Clive' man, me.